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Regal Assets

Overall 5 Stars Rating

Overall Rating: 5/5  -  Strongly Recommended

We rate these gold IRA companies based on the reviews from hundreds of positive customer reviews on other 3rd party websites, and based on the A+ rating from BBB. Not only that, but rating was given based on own research; from the low fee charges, storage and delivery aspect, credibility of the company, complaints, and customer services provided.

Regal Assets is a company that deals in precious metals, which specializes is in Gold IRA and Silver IRa's

Their main core business is to guide and help people to open an individual retirement accounts backed by precious metals (known as gold backed IRA); as well as buying and selling precious metals. Their main offices are located in Los Angeles, Burbank, London, and Waco TX.

Up to date, Regal Assets are know to be the on of the top leader for Financial Services in United States. They were ranked No. 20th by Inc. 500 as the fastest growing Financial Services company in United States.

You can visit their websites here:

You can give them a call at : 855-962-1133 (from 8am - 5pm PST)
*** Do not hesitate to give them a call, they will answered to all your questions on gold IRA rollover.

+ They offer Zero Setup Fees for their clients. + And if you are ready to liquidate your gold, they are guaranteed to buy back at a spot value. 
Gold IRA Custodians

Regal Assets are able to charge you with a very low annual fees (where all your fees are waived for the first year - worth $700). They have build up a long standing relationship and trust with a well respected custodian. Make sure you have collected yourself with enough of information before you sign and agree to any documentation. This is important because most gold IRA companies are based on "Self Directed IRA
Services" or Goldstar Trust, where both of these are charging you according to the scale of your account.

Benefits from Regal Assets

Regal Assets offers a wide variety of financial services for their clients to choose from. They provide an excellent customer service for gold IRA rollover and other services, where they are being regarded as one of the best gold IRA companies by experts. Besides that, they provide fast and guaranteed delivery for the purchased metals, fast availability of precious metals as in their catalog, and the prices of  the metals sold by them are close to spot prices (they take low commission rates). Other than that, Regal Assets guaranteed their clients to buy back the gold at spot prices if they wish to sell back anytime in the future. What best about Regal Assets is that they have a very good reputation with Zero complaints and no reports of frauds which have been files on them, compared to the other gold IRA companies.


The BBB Rated Regal Assets with an A+ rating

While Trust Link shows an A rating based on 499 customers gold IRA reviews

Regal Assets also got AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), which is their highest offered.

Besides that, Regal Assets was ranked No. 20 by Inc 500 Magazines, out of 6 million Financial Service Providers in United States of America.

In addition, they were also featured in the 20th anniversary edition of Forbes magazine.

From all of the above, it clearly shows that Regal Assets is the best gold IRA company that are able to meet all your requirement to rollover your gold IRA account.

Customer Service

In any kind of business, it always create a sense of security whenever the clients are treated with a warmth welcome. Regal Assets with its team of friendly professional who are well trained and confident, will gives their clients a brief introduction of their company, their product range and their services, and recommend their clients based on their needs.

Clients will receive a free investment kit delivered to them via priority mail from Regal Assets. Inside this kit, there are DVDs, pamphlets, magazines and etc information packed. Their goal is to make sure that clients are informed and gain more knowledge about gold IRA or precious metals IRA before they invest.

Regal Assets are known in the industry as being the Financial Service Provider with the lowest fees especially when it comes to retirement accounts. Clients are offered with zero fees for the first year (save up to $700 when rollover your account with them)

They understand that each individuals needs are different and they always give their best advice with the best interest of their clients. They have few packages for their clients to choose, where clients are able to invest as little as $5,000 in this gold IRA company. Any investment that are over $10,000 will get all their fees being eliminated - storage fees, admin fees, rollover fees and etc. As reported by clients,
One thing best about their services is that clients always receive guidance before and during their transaction - client can have a peace of mind with them..
Delivery and Payments for Precious Metals Purchased

Security of the precious metals is the most important things during the transition to custodians or clients. For clients who wants to stored their precious metals or gold in a 3rd party depositories, their metals will be delivered with additional security personnel by Brinks Security Company. It is essential for an IRA account to be stored in a 3rd party depositories, as this can helps in the avoidance of tax.

Among all the best gold IRA companies, Regal assets is the only company that are known to offer third party storage in offshore locations such as Singapore. Although it is in offshore location, it is still protected by Brinks Security Company.

For a smaller purchases of precious metals, it will be delivered directly to buyer hand by shipping companies such like USPS, UPS, and FedEX with a fully insured discreet packaging. After delivery, payments are allowed to be made up to 48 hours by Regal Assets, and later for rollover. They accept money orders, cashier's cheques, personal cheques and bank wires as a means of payment


Besides than the high ratings from other review agencies and rankings from the BBB, Regal Assets has alliances with other authorities that specialize in precious metals. Alliance with these precious metals company greatly increases Regal Assets credibility where clients can have a peace of mind investing with them. Regal Assets alliances are as below.

+  Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)
+  Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)
+  Certified Coin Exchange and the Paper Money Guaranty Corporation (PMG)
+  Numismatic Conservation Service (NCS)
 +  U.S. Mint

Other than those authority companies, Regal Assets have also been endorsed to the public by high profile celebrities, such Alan Thicke, Lars Larson, Laura Ingraham, Dennis Miller, Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Doyle, and other celebrities.

(Individual Retirement Accounts) IRA Rollover

The only precious metals that are allowed into an RA accounts are gold, platinum, silvers and palladium. Regal Assets is not only a trading platform to buy and sell precious metals but they also helps people to open and runs individual retirement accounts (IRA). This kind of precious metals investment are for retirement where it offer more security for the future compared to other retirement plan such like 401k,
Roth and etc. The reason it is better is because the chances for it to decline with inflation is very minimal.

Regal Assets helps people in opening a new gold IRA account or rolling over some of the previous or current IRA or 401k. Potential clients of gold backed IRA  will receive a FREE kit which contain information of gold IRA rollover and how the process works.There are a lot of valuable information within this FREE Gold IRA Rollover Kit. Potential investors will be guided to open their new accounts, and making purchases for the precious metals at a minimal commission. They will also be guided to
store their precious metals in RA inventories or any other depositories which is approved by the IRS (International Revenue Service). Since there mat be some fees that apply on this, Regal Assets staff will let the clients know when and how to rollover, to minimize any fees and associated with the process. Rega Assets staff will guide and brief you all the way from the beginning to the end of the whole process, with the best interest of their clients.


Regal Assets have been growing steadily and now it is now one of the leader in the Financial Service Providers in United States of America. They have risen to a new height of influence, recognition, and service in the precious metals industry for a many reason. They have a strong credibility where BBB, Trust Link, BCA and other authorities have proven this by rating Regal Assets excellently. 
Other than than, they have hundreds of positive feedback as a recognition from happy clients who are satisfied with their services. Besides that, Regal Assets popularity increases further when Forbes and Inc 500 Magazines both listed them in their list of the best gold IRA companies.

Phone: 877-962-1133 (Call from 8am to 5pm PST with any questions)

BBB: Rating of A+, 0 Complaints

TrustLink: based on 499
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