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Rosland Capital Review (updated on Nov 2014)

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Rosland Capital

Overall 3 Stars Rating

Overall Rating 3/5

Rosland Capital are far from getting our 5 star ratings - because, from our research, they receive quite a numbers of complaints in BCA and Trustlink

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People always mistakenly referred Rosland Capital as Roseland Capital or Rosalind Capital. Just like few other companies, Rosland Capital is a precious metals companies, where they also help people to invest in gold IRA.

The company was established somewhere in 2008, with their office in Santa Monica, California. The sell a range of precious metals such like gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Purchases and Delivery

Rosland Capital gives their customer a promise that every precious metals which are purchased from them will be delivered within 10 business days after payment received. They are clients who reports with a positive feedbacks telling that the company delivered their purchase before the promise date. BUT on the other side, they receive more feedbacks from clients reporting that Rosland Capital did not deliver at all, an issue which have landed on 

Gold IRA

Rosland Capital LLC are able to help clients who have 401K and Roth account to invest in something that have more security, which is gold IRA. They enables their potential clients to add gold into their retirement accounts. Gold backed IRA provide more security than other types of acounts as it has along history of growing steadily over the long periods. Besides that, gold backed IRA are a better investment because there are able to offset stock exchange crashes and economic turmoil.

Storage of Precious Metals

According to the law, customers are not allow to take pocession of the gold which have been purchased for their retirement account, unless they wish to pay taxes on it. As for this, any gold or precious metals which have been purchase for the reason of collection/investment should be stored with an approved third party gold IRA custodians.

Some investor did not like Rosland storage because their storage is in bulks and not segregated. Meaning your golds and precious metals are all stored together with others. Most investors preferred to have a segregated storage so that their metals will be stored seperately and will not be mixed up the other investors holdings.

Authenticity and Credibility

Rosland Capital was rated with an AAA rating by BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) however there are 8 complaints filed on them

They are also rated with an A rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau), however there are 7 complaints filed on them

Besides than that, they receive a lot of reports in where one of it reporting that they were taken in, driving down to the business address and find out that the company is not at the address.

Rosland Capital Catalog

They have listed out few different forms of available metals in their catalog, such a gold Platinum, silvers and palladium. However, several reports from companies and clients are showing that only golds are available. While there are some reports showing that only numismatics coins are available.

Additional Reports Filed on Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital was reported to charge their clients a 20 percent in commission on the gold they trades. It has becomes an issue and complaints have been brought up against them in year 2010 on the markup percentage, where reports are filed on Aggressive pushy advertising, rude or absent response from the account representative are some other complaints against Rosland Capital.

Customer Support

Rosland Capital have gained some positive comments from their customer support. Positive comments are left by clients who have been helped by account representatives in solving their problems promptly and getting what they want from the company. While on the other side, negatives feedback on the company failing to deliver clients purchases have been flooding the social network and media, as well as other complaints such like representatives talking rudely to the clients. Other than that, Rosland are also found to misinform clients by posting unavailable precious metals and coins in their catalog.


This Rosland Capital Review are summarize and highlight from the mass feedback from the clients, multiple trusted websites, institutions, and comments from third party reviews. Rosland have to go grow in pains as they are quite a new company in the competitive precious metals industry. Although they are a newer companmy in the precious metals industry, they have their own share on positive comments and high marks from third party gold IRA reviews site

Finally, we advised and recommend investors to make call to several gold companies and talk to them while trying to get a picture how they are going to make the whole process works for you, while pouring them with your questions.

BBB Rating
BBB Complaints
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BCA Complaints
RoslandCapital.com800-461-1246    A       7        8

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